Another big week for health in the legislature.  The House passed its version of the Medicaid Expansion Bill, HB 76. The bill now heads to the Senate, where it may face changes before finalization.

The Department of Insurance also filed an Omnibus Bill, HB 127, this week that would move the required coverage age for colon cancer screen from 50 to 45 among other changes.

Here are some other bills that were filed this week of note:

HB 98 & SB 121, Medical Freedom Act: Would prohibit state agencies, local governments, schools, and health agencies from requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccination.

HB 107, Repeal Certificate of Need: Would repeal all of North Carolina’s Certificate of Need Laws.

HB 108, Local Disease Programs/Funds: Gives money to DHHS and DPH to continue addressing COVID-19 and future health emergencies, as well as maintain staff. Money divided between local health departments.

HB 134, State Health Plan Administrative Changes: Would allow the State Health Plan (SHP) to access and utilize health insurance claims payment data while still protecting consumer data.

SB 116, 2023 Youth END Act: Would implement funds for local health departments, campaigns, military, etc. from the Tobacco Use Prevention Fund to decrease youth usage of electronic cigarettes and nicotine.

Read full summaries of these bills here.