The 1115 Demonstration Waiver Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Medicaid withdrawal management policies have been rescheduled to promulgate on May 1, 2024.

The delay in promulgation is provided to allow service providers the opportunity to align with new and amended policies and applicable licensure rule waivers. This update applies to NC Medicaid Direct and NC Medicaid Managed Care.

The clinical coverage policies impacted include:

  • CCP 8A-7, Ambulatory withdrawal management without extended on-site monitoring (ambulatory detox), 1-WM
  • CCP 8A -8, Ambulatory withdrawal management with extended on-site monitoring, 2-WM
  • CCP 8A-10, Clinically managed residential withdrawal management (Social setting Detox), 3.2-WM
  • CCP 8A-11, Medically monitored inpatient withdrawal management (non-hospital medical detox), 3.7-WM

For a full explanation of these updates, click here.

For questions, contact NC Medicaid Contact Center: 888-245-0179