NC AHEC has announced three updated and new tools to help you evaluate and make effective decisions related to your Advanced Medical Home Tier status:

  • AMH Tier Support Tool: This replaces the original version, which was published in early 2021, to enable practices to establish a baseline assessment of Tier level. Each line item now reflects the requirements set forth by NC Medicaid for each Tier level within NC Medicaid primary care (AMH) practices under contract with Standard plan(s).
  • AMH IT/Gap Tool: This new resource is designed to enable a Tier 3 practice to understand the IT/Data requirements when bringing care-management in-house rather than using a CIN. The detailed guide and auto-calculation tools allow a practice to take a methodical approach in assessing the feasibility of this shift in IT/data support.
  • CIN/AMH Tier 3 Checklist: CIN/AMH Tier 3 Checklist: This resource is especially helpful to assess the accuracy of your Tier status and determine if any changes are needed to CIN relationship or Tier status. If changes are needed, this tool will help you be able to administer those changes without disruption to patient care or the practice’s in-network status with each PHP.

You can find all three tools on NC AHEC’s AMH webpage. For more information or assistance, please contact[email protected].