As Island Transitions from Response to Recovery, the Need for Help Continues in All Sectors Including Healthcare

For more than 15,000 people, Monday marks a big step to rebuilding their lives.  It is the first day that reentry begins for people who were living in the impact zone of the Maui wildfire.  To date, 97 bodies have been recovered, 80 have been identified.  There are 23 active investigations into missing persons for unaccounted individuals.  Reports say Maui is losing more than $13 million per day and recovery of the important tourist industry is lagging.

Marc Anderson of the Hawaii Medical Association tells NCMS VP Alan Skipper that there is “still a huge recovery need and an ongoing effort to meet the needs of those impacted by the fire.”  He as supplied NCSM with the Hawaii Medical Association’s detailed report of ways physicians are helping with Maui support.

The report has several key findings:

  • Disillusionment is increasing.  People are grieving and also wanting to protest over reentry issues.
  • Clinics in West Maui are open with no appointments necessary.  Health insurance is not required and translation services are available.
  • Challenges remain in outreach for the displaced elderly population.
  • Particulate level analysis is ongoing and could take weeks.
  • Mental health triage continues.

The report has detailed and time-stamped recovery efforts since the fire.  It includes links to volunteer options, healthcare resources, and the latest news.

To read the full report from the Hawaii Medical Association click here.

Here are some options to make donations:

  • The American Psychiatric Association (APA) Foundation has created a Maui Disaster Relief Fund in partnership with the Hawai’i Psychiatric Medical Association and in support of the Hawai’i Community Foundation’s Maui Strong fund.
  • Kākoʻo Maui fund:  The Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement, Alakaina Foundation Family, and Kako’o Haleakala will match up to $100,000 in donations for Kako’o Maui.  Funds will go to families and businesses. You can donate  here .
  • American Red Cross of Hawaii:  They’re asking for your monetary donations and for volunteers.  Click here for details.
  • Hawaii Emergency Management Agency: Donations and volunteer support information at or 808-733-4300.
  • Maui United Way: The Fire Disaster Relief Fund is providing financial assistance through grants to nonprofits at the forefront of relief efforts, as well as directly to households that have been deeply affected. Those who would like to donate may do so at
  • The Hawaii Salvation Army will start providing meals for thousands displaced in Maui emergency shelters. They are asking for monetary donations and large volume meal donations from restaurants and certified kitchens to aid in mass meal service at Maui shelters. All money donated for disaster relief will go to disaster operations.  Donate to Hawaii Salvation Army here
  • The Hawaii Community Foundation Maui Strong Fund will support Maui communities affected by recent fires, including response and recovery efforts. The proceeds from our bake sale will go to this fund.  Donate to the Hawaii Community Foundation Maui Strong Fund here
  • UH Maui College students and their families are directly impacted by the fires, whether they have lost homes, businesses, or jobs. As the new school year starts, you can help keep students, faculty, staff, and their families resilient during this unprecedented emergency.  Donate to the UH Maui College Student Aid Fund here. 
  • The UH Maui College Faculty and Staff are in the same situation as students. Donate to the UH Maui College Faculty and Staff Aid fund here.
  • Matson: Nonprofit organizations needing assistance in getting goods to Maui are asked to apply for such assistance on the company’s website at
  • United Public Workers: Donate nonperishable items at any UPW headquarters across the state from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Locations of headquarters are: Oahu: 1426 N. School St.; Hawaii island: 362 E. Lani­kaula St.; Maui: 841 Kolu St.; and Kauai: 2970 Kele St. Suite 213.
  • Hawaii Restaurant Association: To contribute food, water, medical supplies or shelter from Maui or Oahu, fill out the form at