(Photo: LA Times)

Our friends at the Hawaii Medical Association are helping coordinate the ongoing response following the devastating fire in Maui.  They have set up a Maui Support page, which includes updates on the effort, resource coordination and how you can help.

Below is a message from HMA executive director, Marc Alexander:

Aloha colleagues,

Thank you for your many emails and messages of concern about the Maui fire disaster. Our president, Dr. Angela Pratt, and her team have been ensuring open communications with various entities. This morning, we had a Maui update, as one of the other HMA officers, Dr. Nadine Tenn-Salle, prepared to fly to Maui for another coordination meeting. HMA’s president-elect lives on Maui (Dr. Elizabeth A. Ignacio) and is in the thick of things.

HMA has published a Maui Support page which will be regularly updated. We are in direct communication with the incident commander, as well as the governor’s office and Maui mayor’s office, ready to assist. Bookmark the Maui Support page to stay in touch. Several news outlets are linked, as are donation pages. At this time, we have been asked to gather names of additional physicians who may be able to assist, but we need to wait patiently for when that need arises. The road to recovery will be long.

We have been advised that the best supports right now are probably cash, patience, and yes, prayers.