The American Diabetes Association (ADA), the nation’s leading organization committed to fighting diabetes, has recently announced the recognition of the Iredell Wellness & Diabetes Center through the Education Recognition Program.

Iredell Wellness & Diabetes Center’s Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support (DSMES) service was originally recognized in 1996. The center has continuously maintained this recognition for 27 years by assuring the program always met national standards. The goal of the diabetes center DSMES program is to provide participants and their families with training tailored to help them understand and manage their condition.

The ADA’s Education Recognition Program promotes quality diabetes self-management, education, and support for people with diabetes by certifying that services adhere to the National Standards for DSMES. Services certified by the Education Recognition Program offer a staff of knowledgeable health professionals who can provide participants with comprehensive information about diabetes management.

“Daily self-management skills are absolutely essential for people to effectively navigate the 24/7 challenges of living with diabetes, helping to keep them healthy and prevent or delay the serious complications of diabetes,” said Linda Cann, MSEd, the ADA’s senior vice president of professional services. “We applaud the Iredell Wellness & Diabetes Center for its commitment to providing high-quality, evidence-based education and support for people with diabetes by meeting the National Standards for DSME/S and earning the ADA’s ERP recognition.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are 30.3 million people in the United States who have diabetes. While an estimated 23.1 million have been diagnosed, unfortunately, 7.2 million people are not aware that they have this disease. Each day, more than 4,110 Americans are diagnosed. Many will first learn that they have diabetes when they are treated for one of its life-threatening complications – heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, blindness, nerve disease, and amputation. Diabetes continues to be the seventh leading cause of death in the U.S.

“Diabetes impacts a large number of our community members. The Iredell Wellness & Diabetes Center personalizes your care so that you understand your diabetes. There are a million books you can read and education handouts you can memorize. But, we teach you how to apply all of that knowledge to your everyday life and to live the best life you can! Change is hard. But we are here to walk that journey with you,” said Amy Brant, corporate wellness nurse and diabetes program manager at Iredell Wellness & Diabetes Center. [source]

If you would like to learn more about the Iredell Wellness & Diabetes Center, please call the center at 704-878-4556.