In his freshman year as a member of the NC House of Representatives, Dr. Tim Reeder achieved a notable victory in the passage of the Hospital Violence Protection Act. This legislation, initially introduced as a stand-alone bill, HB809, was ultimately incorporated into another bill, HB125. It was passed with broad bipartisan support by both chambers and signed by the Governor on September 29, 2023.

The new law will make hospitals a safer care environment for patients, staff and the public. There will be an increased presence of law enforcement to provide greater security in hospital facilities, with a focus on the emergency department. The bill also includes training and reporting provisions to monitor the measure’s impact and compliance.

Dr. Reeder thanked multiple stakeholders for their support, including the NC Medical Society, the NC Healthcare Association and law enforcement. You may view Dr. Reeder’s summary of the legislation here and the press conference here.


Dr Reeder provided an
overview of the new law and
thanked his legislative colleagues
for their bipartisan support


NCMS President, Dr. Art Apolinario, shared
the NC Medical Society’s support of the
Hospital Violence Protection Act


Joining Dr. Reeder at the October 10
press conference were (left to right) Erik Manring MD,
Craig Mangum MD, Arthur Apolinario MD – NCMS President,
and Greg Cannon MD