HB 434 – Reflexology Regulation Act

Primary House Sponsors: Rep. Harry Warren (R-Rowan); Rep. Dennis Riddell (R-Alamance)


This bill enacts a new Article governing the practice of Reflexology. This bill also:

  • Defines “reflexology” as “a protocol of manual techniques, including thumb-and finger-walking, hook and backup and rotating-on-a-point, that are applied to specific reflex areas predominantly on the feet and hands and that stimulate the complex neural pathways linking body systems and support the body’s efforts to function optimally.”
  • States that compensation for reflexology services may be received only be a certified reflexologist, unless the provider is a student in a nationally recognized reflexology education program or holds a certification of completion from an education program completed no more than 6 months prior to receiving compensation for reflexology services.
  • Requires a provider of reflexology services to prominently displace his or her certification at their main place of business or have it available on his or her person when providing services as a different location.
  • Requires public advertising designed to attract clients for reflexology services to identify that the services will be performed by a certified reflexologist and must include the name of the certifying entity.
  • States that the Article will not apply to an individual who may apply pressure to the reflex areas on the hands, feed, and outer ears in the regular course of that individual’s work, so long as 1) the individual is licensed in the State as a massage therapist, physician, chiropractor, acupuncturist, physical therapist, cosmetologist, registered nurse, or as a member of other professions licensed by the state and 2) the application of pressure to the reflex areas accounts for 25% or less of that person’s work.


Filed – 3/29/2021