WebNorth Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) President Paul R.G. Cunningham, MD, on behalf of the NCMS recently lauded Dr. Jasper Lewis, Jr., DDS for his role in the 2017 American Dental Association “Give Kids a Smile” program. In a letter to the Greenville dentist, Dr. Cunningham recognized Dr. Lewis for his leadership in forging a “valuable and ongoing collaboration with the East Central Dental Society and the Dental School at East Carolina University (ECU). Dr. Cunningham is the Dean Emeritus of the Brody School of Medicine at ECU.
Dr. Cunningham emphasized the importance of treating the “whole person” to achieve the highest level of population health in our communities.
“The high intensity of our professional work has demanded that we focus and treat pathology and disease, independently and as appropriate to our specialties,” he wrote. “It has become clear however, that attention to the “whole person” is required if we will be able to achieve the level of health and wellness in our communities that we desperately desire. This need is even more critical here in eastern North Carolina.
“Your work that serves to improve the oral health of our children will predictably contribute to the overall well-being and health of our kids. Undoubtedly this represents a lasting legacy​ and is of immeasurable value.”
Learn more about the “Give Kids a Smile” program here.