Scammers are making the most wonderful time of the year complicated! 



It’s called card draining, and authorities nationwide are issuing a warning to those who have or plan to purchase gift cards this holiday season: exercise caution and look out for any signs of tampering, such as scuff marks or scratches near the bar code on the back of the card.

The card draining scam involves tampering with bar code on gift cards and stealing the money loaded on them. Here a few ways to protect yourself:

  • Make sure the gift card is sealed and the protective cover and the tape covering the pin is intact
  • Ensure the gift card does not appear to be tampered with
  • Keep the store receipt in case the gift card you are purchasing is found to have been compromised
  • If a purchased gift card is found to be compromised, immediately report it to the gift card company directly, to request a freeze on the card, and request a refund.

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