The new Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services diabetes prevalence infographic highlights existing health disparities as well as prevention resources to address the epidemic. The infographic also spotlights how the increased prevalence of non-gestational diabetes among minority populations has led to additional health complications. Finally, the infographic includes information on the increased impact that diabetes has on Medicare enrollees and the disparities that are observed among various subpopulations in the Medicare community.

In addition to the infographic, CMS has released the Medicare Current Beneficiary Survey (MCBS) Public Use File on diabetes prevalence and self-management among Medicare beneficiaries living in the community in 2020. This file presents estimates on diabetes prevalence, diabetes-related health issues, and diabetes knowledge and self-management by a variety of beneficiary characteristics including race/ethnicity, income, and primary language spoken at home.

You can find more information and access the Public Use File and supporting documentation here.