Radeas labRadeas, a clinical laboratory and consultation service, has joined the North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) Marketplace as a gold level partner.
Radeas provides a comprehensive solution of laboratory services to health care providers.  By delivering toxicology and hormone testing, wellness panels as well as consulting services, they aim to produce a full scope of medical laboratory services both accurately and efficiently.
They invest in Sciex 6500 Series Mass Spectrometers, the finest state of the art equipment available today.  These are the gold standard in laboratory equipment, providing substance detection levels down to n0.2 ng/mL.  Their team of scientists holds multiple patents in the industry.  Radeas’ methods drive better medical decisions by providing the most accurate data available today.  Their medical directors from Duke ensure their methodologies deliver world class data.
Their motto is that they deliver objective truth and constantly reinvest in the newest and best equipment available, continually evaluating the market and investing in the best science has to offer.
Learn more at the NCMS Marketplace or the Radeas website. Contact Radeas directly at 919-263-1150 or [email protected].