nc-stampHB 150 – Standards for Chiropractic Peer Review

Primary Sponsors: Rep. Debra Conrad (R – Forsyth), Rep. Donny Lambeth (R – Forsyth), Rep. Mitchell Setzer (R – Catawba)

This bill would only apply to civil liability claims for personal injury associated with a motor vehicle, and to motor vehicle medical payments claims. This bill defines that an individual performing retrospective review must meet a set of criteria including: holding a chiropractic license in NC, has practiced as a chiropractor for at least five years, derives half of his/her income from being a chiropractor, and does not receive compensation from the chiropractor being reviewed.  It also provides the Chiropractic Board the oversight authority for individuals performing such peer reviews.

This bill has referred to the House Insurance Committee. If it is found favorable in this committee, it will move to the House Judiciary III Committee.

This bill will be introduced in the House Insurance Committee on 3.14.17 at noon. You can listen to the discussion here.

This bill was given a favorable report in the House Insurance Committee on 3.14.17.

This bill was introduced in the House session of 4.5.2017. The bill passed second reading with a vote of 114-1. The bill has been sent to the Senate.