Blaine Paxton Hall, MHS-CL, PA-Emeritus, DFAAPA (image: Duke Corporate Media)

As the North Carolina Medical Society prepares to celebrate 20 years of Leadership College and the Kanof Institute for Physician Leadership, we are looking back at some of our alumni.  For the next 20 weeks, until our annual LEAD Conference and Golden Stethoscope Awards Gala, we will be sharing stories of people who have completed their training and how that influenced them (plus some sage life advice!).

Enjoy getting to know more about Blaine Paxton Hall!


Blaine Paxton Hall, MHS-CL, PA-Emeritus, DFAAPA attended Wake Forest University School of Medicine where he obtained his Physician Assistant training. Dr. Hall later went on to earn his Masters in Health Science in Clinical Leadership (MHS-CL) from Duke University School.

Highlights from Blaine Paxton Hall, MHS-CL, PA-Emeritus, DFAAPA

I chose Medicine because several of my own life experiences caused me to have keen intuition into the suffering of others. I knew that I could deeply reach people and show them authentic empathy and compassion.

KIPL Influence

My final project for the Leadership College was an educational program for MDs and PAs on an “Overview of Healthcare for the Transsexual Patient.”  This was the direct impetus for my subsequent speaking, teaching, writing and consulting activities. And it gave me the confidence to continue to advocate and push for the Duke Adult Gender Medicine Clinic which I founded, and which was launched January 3rd, 2018.

Words to Live By

Seek to Relieve Suffering.  That has always guided me; and is the most important thing I can do as a healthcare provider.

Some healthcare providers think they are bigshot healers; but they are absolutely not!  Healing comes from within the patient themselves and/or from God and/or is unknown.

Dr. Hall’s NCMS Involvement

  1. Charter member of the PA section of the NCMS (1993 or 1994)
  2. Leadership College Scholar grad (2007)
  3. Served on the NCMS Foundation Board of Trustees (2019 through 2022)
  4. Currently serving on the Policy Committee
  5. Lifetime Member of NCMS.

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