Healthcare Workers Should be on Alert, Even if Patient Shows No Signs


The CDC announced there has been an increase in cases of the rare “invasive meningococcal disease.” According to an advisory, healthcare workers should be on alert, even if patients do not exhibit typical symptoms.

“In 2023, 422 cases were reported in the United States, the highest annual number of cases reported since 2014,” the CDC said. “As of March 25, 2024, 143 cases have been reported to CDC for the current calendar year, an increase of 62 cases over the 81 reported as of this date in 2023.”

The bacteria Neisseria meningitidis is what causes meningococcal disease — and according to the CDC, it can cause symptoms such as fever, nausea or vomiting, altered mental status and rapid breathing. The disease, which can reach the bloodstream, is known to “worsen rapidly” and “become life-threatening within hours.”

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