Effective April 1, 2024, Carolina Complete Health (CCH) will require contracted Medicaid Providers to implement a tobacco-free policy covering any portion of the property on which the Provider operates that is under its control as owner or lessee, to include buildings, grounds, and vehicles. Carolina Complete Health will monitor compliance with the tobacco-free policy requirement through the member grievance reporting.

For more information about the North Carolina Standard Plan Tobacco-Free Requirement, view the NC Medicaid Blog published January 25th, 2022.

Did you Know?

Carolina Complete Health’s Quit for Life® Tobacco Cessation Program can help members stop smoking or using other tobacco products.

  • Members get an action plan to track progress and connect with others who are trying to quit.
  • Use the mobile app to set a quit date, get tips to beat cravings and send a message to their coach for support.
  • Use the live chat feature to get personal support from a Quit for Life® Coach in real time.
  • Talk with a Quit for Life® Coach and work together towards quitting through 1-on-1 calls.
  • Get emails and texts with tips and encouragement to fight urges and prevent relapse.
  • Must be 18 years or older.

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