Congress’ recess during the January 22-26 week afforded the opportunity of scheduling an in-district meeting with Congresswoman Valerie Foushee. Rep. Foushee represents North Carolina’s 4th Congressional District and was elected in 2022, having served in the N.C. Senate for 10 years.

Meeting participants included:

Eileen Raynor, MD / President – NC Medical Society
Bryant Murphy, MD / Board of Directors member – NC Medical Society
Marion McCrary, MD / Governor – NC Chapter, American College of Physicians
W. Alan Skipper, CAE / Vice President, External Affairs – NC Medical Society

Issues discussed included:

  • Medicare Physician Payment – Reverse the 3.4% Cut!
  • Medicare Physician Payment – Enact an annual inflationary adjustment for physicians
  • Prior Authorization – Relief for patients and physicians
  • Step Therapy’s – Impact on patient care and outcomes
  • Workforce – Needs for North Carolina

Pictured: Skipper, Murphy, Foushee, McCrary, Raynor

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