John Huske Anderson Award

Brooks Bell

Brooks Bell is a trailblazer in marketing analytics. She founded Brooks Bell Inc in 2003, generating an impressive sum of over $2.5 billion for Fortune 500 clients during the subsequent 18 years.

In January 2019, at the age of 38, Brooks was diagnosed with stage III colon cancer. Undaunted by this challenge, she completed 6 months of surgeries and chemotherapy. During her treatment journey, she became acutely aware of the shocking rise in colon cancer cases in young people as the potential for prevention. During that time Brooks launched and planned the first ever Colonoscopy Gala. She now serves on several prominent boards in public health including CDC Foundation, Research Triangle Foundation, The Colorectal Cancer Alliance, and Duke Raleigh Hospital.

Nominated by Dr. Rajat Chander and Dr. Subhash Gumber, Brooks has harnessed her personal battle with cancer to selflessly champion the cause of public awareness. “She selflessly turned it into a mission for public awareness in preventing colon cancer. After deep and active study of the disease, she has translated her passion, energy, and skill for entrepreneurship and marketing for the Fortune 500 into a marketing and data analytics attack on colon cancer. Her steadfast public advocacy includes participation in many healthcare boards, giving talks to raise awareness, the colonoscopy gala, speeches for minority communities, podcasts, and donating of a large sum of money for cancer prevention.

“For Brooks, this is a numbers game… She has figured out that to prevent 500 cases of colorectal cancer by 2030, she will seek to inspire 8500 colonoscopies in North Carolina.”

Brooks Bell 2023 Winner of the John Huske Anderson Award