Political Pulse for May 19, 2023

After a week in recess, legislators returned with Senate Bill at the top of the list. In this week's Political Pulse, Emma Kate Sowder and Thomas Kincheloe discuss what happened, what comes next, and take a look at the state budget and other issues NCMS is working on in Raleigh.



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Political Pulse for April 21, 2023

Big news from NCMS on Prior Authorization!  House Bill 649 was successfully introduced to reform the overused and burdensome prior authorization process!  It was introduced in the NC House of Representatives.  The bill’s sponsors are NCMS Member Representative Kristen Baker, MD, NCMS Member Representative Tim Reeder, MD, Representative Larry Potts, and Representative Wayne Sasser.  In this week's Political Pulse Randy Aldridge, Thomas Kincheloe and Emma Kate Sowder break down how NCMS is working to fix Prior Auth.



Political Pulse for April 14, 2023

This week on Political Pulse we talk about advocacy efforts by the North Carolina Medical Society. The General Assembly is on recess this week, so Thomas Kincheloe and Emma Kate Sowder outline upcoming advocacy events including an Advocacy Summit and a White Coat Day later this month.  They also talk about a newly filed bill that NCMS is watching closely.  Enjoy.



Political Pulse for March 31, 2023

In this week's Political Pulse, Medicaid expansion was finally signed by Governor Roy Cooper, but there are still steps to be taken to get it finalized.  Some parts will go into effect immediately and some are tied to the budget.  The 600 page budget was released late Wednesday and legislators and NCMS are still combing through it.  Thomas Kincheloe and Randy Aldridge break down what you need to know so far.


Political Pulse for March 17, 2023

Medicaid expansion continues to be the big story this week.  Thomas Kincheloe explains where it stands now and the big next step coming on Wednesday.  Also a big talker this week is the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact.  Emma Kate Sowder has a recap of what it is and how it will impact physicians across North Carolina.


NCMS Political Pulse March 3, 2023

Some hot button issues are taking over Raleigh this week as legislators continue the long session. In this week’s Political Pulse we break down three important topics.

Medical cannabis has cleared some major hurdles and is heading to the Senate. NCMS is on record as supporting the development of research regarding medical cannabis.  It is legislation NCMS is watching closely.

Also important to NCMS members is the return of an effort to give some nurses more authority.  NCMS has long been against this legislation. Thomas Kincheloe details what happened and what may be coming next.

It looks like a bill to further limit abortion access will be filed at any time.  NCMS recently approved a policy on reproductive healthcare that supports abortion as part of comprehensive healthcare.  What to expect is in the edition of Political Pulse.


NCMS Political Pulse February 24, 2023

In this week's Political Pulse, Thomas Kincheloe and Emma Kate Sowder discuss the North Carolina Medical Society Legislative priorities.  Included is how NCMS decides its top priorities each session as well as more information on the top three things we are focusing on now.  Find out about how we are focusing on building a sustainable healthcare workforce, maintaining a patient-centered healthcare system, and the sanctity of clinician-patient relationships.  Make sure to follow us on all social media platforms for more information.



NCMS Political Pulse February 16, 2023

The legislative long session is very busy this week.  HB76, which would expand Medicaid access to more than 600 thousand North Carolinians, is moving quickly through the House.  It still has several steps in front of it before it is passed, but NCMS is working hard with it’s members and staff to make it happen.  See NCMS Director of Legislative Affairs, Thomas Kincheloe and VP of Communications Randy Aldridge talk about the very latest.



Political Pulse for November 18, 2022

The 2022 Midterm Election leaves NC health professionals with many questions. NCMS Political Pulse has the answers.

NCMS Political Pulse August 22, 2022: The Surprises in the 'No Surprises Act'

RALEIGH -- Congress passed the No Surprises Act to protect patients from surprise medical bills.  The legislative battle continued, however and the North Carolina Medical Society is working with the  AMA and others to tailor a package to provide relief for patients, but also maintained a balance of power between insurers and physicians.

We were successful with the legislation striking that balance, but the agency interpretation when they promulgated an interim final rule was weighted heavily to the insurers advantage.

This led to two major actions:  lawsuits and objection to the rule.

NCMS was a financial supporter and amicus signer for the Texas Medical Association lawsuit.  NCMS also aided the AMA in recruitment of two NC physicians to participate as co-defendants.

NCMS CEO Chip Baggett breaks down what that means for both doctors and patients in this edition of Political Pulse