Living Your WHY:  How to realize your cause, calling or mission and how to experience the life you’ve always wanted…
October 26th
11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Do you know your reason, purpose, cause or calling? Do you know WHY you do what you do? If you do? Do you know how to “live your why” everyday?
Join Sean Foy for a discussion on how to craft and live a purpose driven life and help those you care most about (family, friends, colleagues and your practice) follow their deepest “why.”
Sean Foy is an internationally renowned authority on fitness, weight management and healthy living. As an exercise physiologist, behavioral coach and speaker, Sean has earned the reputation as “America’s Fast Fitness Expert.” He is the author of the Wellness Councils of America’s flagship physical activity and exercise books, “Fitness That Works” and “Walking 4 Wellness.” Sean is also the author and creator of “The Burst Workout” and the coauthor of the New York Times #1 best seller, “The Daniel Plan.”
What’s Your Why–The Power of Purpose© is a one of a kind personal development and well-being experience designed to empower yourself, your employees, family members and community partners to live healthier, happier and more purpose filled lives. In this interactive webinar participants will discover:

  • Buried Treasure: The search for meaning, purpose and change
  • The Science of “Why”: Historical & recent research on the power of purpose
  • The “Why” of Wellness: A Personal Rx for fitness, health and well-being
  • Your One Thing: Finding your passion & motivation to live well
  • Crafting Your “Why”: Putting your “Why” into words and action
  • Living Your “Why”: Discover how to live your “Why” with practical tips, strategies and best practices

Questions? Please contact Jason Horay at [email protected] or 919-878-7530.