Attention has long been focused on the challenges faced by newly minted physicians as they navigate the intricate maze of medicine. But physician burnout, poor job satisfaction and other professional challenges vary by career stage. And middle career appears to be an especially challenging time for physicians, according to an exclusive survey from the AMA. The results signal a pressing need to tailor efforts to promote physician satisfaction, reduce burnout and improve retention based on where doctors are in their careers.

More than 13,000 responses from physicians and nonphysician providers across 30 states were received from more than 70 health systems that participated in the AMA’s Organizational Biopsy® (PDF). The AMA benchmarking report—which is exclusive data to the AMA that is not published anywhere else—reflects 2022 trends in six key performance indicators: job satisfaction, job stress, burnout, intent to leave an organization, feeling valued by an organization, and total hours spent per week on work-related activities (known as “time spend”).

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