As the COVID-19 pandemic lessens and lives return to normal, health care providers are looking ahead at how to be better prepared for a future public health emergency. That could mean a better way to connect with state agencies. Provider Bridge is a platform that streamlines the process for mobilizing health care professionals during any future public health emergencies.

It is supported by the Health and Resources and Services Administration of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Provider Bridge makes it easier for state agencies and health care entities to connect with registered health care professionals by providing access to a database of information for verified, volunteer clinicians willing to provide telehealth services during emergencies.

Provider Bridge supports license portability by:

  • Providing a directory of state and federal COVID-19 resources.
  • Offering a dedicated customer service hub to help clinicians navigate current state licensure requirements, including those specific to telehealth, during states of emergency.
  • Utilizing a technology platform to allow health care professionals to register and voluntarily submit their credentials and professional background information that can be used to identify them as willing to treat patients via telehealth in highly impacted areas.
  • Producing official, digital documents of licensure information for clinicians that are recognized and accepted by licensing entities and other state agencies during states of emergency.

Learn more about Provider Bridge here.