The Bylaws Modernization Task Force was appointed to revise the current NCMS bylaws to reflect a policymaking process within the NCMS that is more accessible and efficient. The revisions propose that component medical societies and NCMS members be able to bring issues to the Board of Directors for discussion and action on a timely basis, rather than waiting for the House of Delegates to meet annually. At the HOD’s direction, the Annual Meeting for the NCMS will be preserved, but policy decisions would be made by the Board, and the HOD would be dissolved.
With the goal of transparency, we are posting this proposal ahead of other HOD business in order to allow as much time as possible for our members to review the revisions and provide us with valuable feedback.

The files above are draft documents and subject to change. Check the NCMS Bulletin and website frequently for updates, prior to the October 23-24 Annual Meeting.
Your feedback may be posted in the comments section below and will immediately be routed to members of the Task Force and Constitution and Bylaws Committee. With your input, a final document will come before the HOD as a report from the Constitution and Bylaws Committee.
Help us get it right for our Society. Watch the NCMS website and the Bulletin for progress reports. We look forward to hearing from you.