On January 25th, the North Carolina Medical Board’s Policy Committee met for the first time this year, considering four impactful position statements for physicians and physician assistants.

Two of the proposed policies are in the draft phase, receiving edits from board members and stakeholders. The first is a position statement on telemedicine in the state. It would amend the position passed in March 2019. The second would cover guidance for physicians and physician assistants entering into employment agreements.

These are not finalized and will be revisited and possibly finalized by the committee during its March meeting.

The Policy Committee will also reconsider its position statement on Physician Obligation to Complete a Certificate of Death in March due to the new NC DAVE system, as well as its policy on the Use of Opioids to Treat Pain based on a change in guidance from the CDC’s 2022 Clinical Practice Guidelines.

NCMS looks forward to these discussions and continued work with the North Carolina Medical Board.

If you would like to view the current position statements of the North Carolina Medical Board, they can be found here.