The NC Senate unveiled their spending plan for the biennium last week, and the North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) was encouraged by the fact that there were no Medicaid rate cuts proposed. There are still several provisions of concern. Read a brief summary of the key health care provisions in the 362-page bill on our 2017 Legislative Session blog.
Concerns include a provision that would completely remove your ability to negotiate with any health insurance company about the fees for your professional services. Some of SB629 regarding out-of-network notification and fees made its way into the Senate budget. SB629, Health Care Services Billing Transparency, would place a statutory cap on reimbursement at Medicare rates for any out-of-network services. This would tilt the balance in favor of the insurance companies.
We’re also have concerns with language around re-certification fees for Medicaid providers and barring state funding to any physician who performs an abortion.
The NC House now is developing its budget, and we’re watching the process carefully. We also are preparing for a possible hearing and vote on HB88 – Modernize Nurse Practice Act, which seeks to eliminate physician supervision for advanced practice nurses, next Wednesday, May 24, before the NC House Health Committee. Stay tuned for more information and action you can take to voice your opinion if this bill does come up in committee.