Skin care in the sun changes as you age. Tips for people over 55. 

RALEIGH — All summer NCMS is bringing you tips to enjoy the great Carolina outdoors.  Melanoma Mondays run weekly until Autumn with information from your fellow NCMS members.  Today it’s Dr. Vikas Patel from North Carolina Dermatology Associates in Raleigh with how to enjoy the summer and keep your skin looking great if you are over 55.  Enjoy!

Vikas Patel, MD

Have fun, enjoy the sun, and keep your skin looking great if you are over 55!

The clock is ticking down on summer, but North Carolina still has plenty of sunny days left this year when you’ll want to get outside and enjoy yourself.  For many people over the age of 55, spending time in the sun comes with increased concerns about how to keep your skin safe and looking good.  Dr. Vikas Patel has three pieces of advice for you.

  1.  To help prevent wrinkling, aging, and skin cancer broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher is imperative to protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays.  In addition to sunscreen, wear sun protective clothing to help prevent UV exposure.
  2. After time in the sun it is also important to remember your skin. For dry skin, apply a fragrance-free moisturizer daily after bathing.  This alleviates dry skin and restores the skin’s barrier function.
  3. Pay close attention to changes in your skin.  Regularly check your skin for new or changing spots that look different from other spots on your body.  In addition, look for lesions that are bleeding or itching.

Most importantly enjoy yourself, do it safely, and remember to treat your skin with care as you get older!

Dr. Patel is available to talk skin care with you at his practice in Raleigh. To contact her click here.