The NC General Assembly officially reconvenes today, but don’t expect any big legislative moves. Legislators will spend the first couple of weeks getting organized, selecting new leaders, committee members and deciding on the rules for this long session. The business of legislating will begin in earnest on Jan. 30.

As a North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) member, you have several special opportunities to advocate for your profession and now is the time to consider how you want to be involved.

  • Sign up to come to Raleigh for our popular White Coat Wednesday, legislative briefing and opportunity to visit your representatives to educate them on issues of concern to you.
  • Volunteer for the honor of serving as Doctor of the Day. You will sit on the floor of the chamber with legislators and bring awareness to your profession. Call the Speaker of the House Office at 919-733-3451 to sign-up.
  • Be sure you’ve registered to receive our Action Alerts so you’ll be ready to click and send a message to key legislators when our government affairs team needs your input.
  • Watch your email for our weekly video updates during the session to know what is happening behind the scenes. This year the bowtie wearing star of our Bowtie Briefing video, NCMS’ Senior VP for Advocacy and Advancement Chip Baggett, JD, will be joined by our Assistant Director of Legislative Relations, Sue Ann Forrest, MPA, in a re-branded video — the NCMS Political Pulse.  Watch for the first episode this Friday.

Our lobbying team and stars of the NCMS Political Pulse, Chip Baggett, JD, and Sue Ann Forrest, MPA: