Will artificial intelligence technology one day help you and your practice?

Researchers at the University of Maryland wanted to see if ChatGPT, the AI Chatbot, could screen for breast cancer.  The results were better than expected.  Plus, the robot put the information into a form that was simple for patients to understand.

While the technology remains very new, and ChatGPT cannot give medical advice, there are many concerns.  One of the biggest worries is that robots can be unreliable and put information together in a way that makes it seem made up.  It also remains a very unproven technology.

AI-powered tools are, however, already being used in some medical situations.  In Hungary, hospitals are using AI to help radiologists check for breast cancer.  Medical facilities in the UK, EU, and the US are starting to test the programs.

You can read a more in depth analysis of the research and how it might help you practice in the future here.