In response to questions from licensees and others, NCMB recently clarified that continuing medical education (CME) hours completed to satisfy a new one-time requirement for DEA registrants may be counted towards the existing CME requirement for controlled substances prescribers in North Carolina. NCMB voted at its July Board Meeting to pursue CME rule changes that specify this.

All prescribers who hold valid DEA registrations must complete eight hours of CME in the treatment of opioid use and other substance use disorders to meet the requirements of a mandate approved as part of the federal Medication Access and Treatment Expansion (MATE) Act. On June 27, DEA began asking renewing registrants to certify that they have completed the one-time training requirement.

Physicians and PA licensees of NCMB who prescribe controlled substances must also comply with an existing CME requirement that obligates them to complete a set number of CME hours in controlled substances prescribing topics, including treatment of opioid use disorder. Physicians must earn 3 hours of controlled substances CME every three years and PAs must earn two hours every two years, in accordance with established CME cycles.

NCMB has created a new FAQ stating that licensees may use their DEA-mandated CME credits to meet the NCMB controlled substances requirement. Find it here.