The House Select Committee on Community Relations, Law Enforcement and Justice met on December 14, 2020.

Listen to the entire audio here.

The Committee approved a draft report to be presented to the NCGA.

  • Create additional statwide law enforcement training require and provide additional educational and training resources
  • Create requirements for law enforcement agencies to report disciplinary actions, resignations, and terminations
  • Create whistlblower protection for officers that report misconduct
  • Provide law enforcement with additional resources encountering mental health issues in the field
  • Provide law enforcement with additional resources to recieve mental health treatment
  • Increase availability of specialty courts
  • Ban the use of chokeholds
  • Require law enforcement to report use of force incidents
  • Mandate the duty to intervene and the duty to report miscondcut
  • Fund pilot program for student law enforcment career exploration
  • Establish a system to allow infividuals to recieve notification of court dates