Clinician Wellness

We know the health care system is under enormous strain and for some clinicians this is at great personal cost – loss of job satisfaction, burnout, clinical depression and, the worst-case scenario, suicide. As your professional society, we believe YOUR well-being is paramount.

Note that the former number to the physician suicide prevention line is now 988.


Stress and burnout has been a pressing issue in health care since before the pandemic, but the past few years made it especially tough for clinicians.  A recent report from Medscape for 2022 shared that burnout has increased sharply, with as many as 54% reporting that burnout has a severe impact on their lives. It was also found that physicians felt happier at work prior to the pandemic .

Since 2018, the NCMS has dedicated efforts and funding to actively address stress and burnout. This year our efforts include addressing stress and burnout at the organizational level.  To that end, we will convene stakeholders from across the state to discuss and share best practices. We will also explore in depth the situation in North Carolina through research and focus groups to be able to better identify efforts that will address the issue.

Dr. Lorna Breen
Dr. Lorna Breen sister, daughter, friend, physician “I know that much good came from Breen’s life. Now I hope some good can come from her death, and that her loss raises our awareness around mental health in the medical community.” Former Virginia Governor, Ralph Northam

We celebrate the legislative efforts that have been taken to address the issue at the national level through the The Dr. Lorna Breen Health Care Provider Protection Act. Dr. Breen was an ER physician from New York who took her life April 26, 2020:

Read more about this crucial law:

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For more information or assistance in finding resources for clinician wellness, please contact Blake Hamilton.

To help support our efforts to address clinician wellness, consider a donation to the Mitchell D. Hardison, MD, Fund, named in honor of former NCMS CEO Bob Seligson’s personal physician who struggled privately with stress and depression and committed suicide.

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