HB 539 – Protecting Properly Insured Individual

Primary House Sponsors: Rep. Sarah Stevens (R-Alleghany, Surry, Wilkes)


This bill modifies the evidence that may be used to establish the amount of recoverable medical expenses for a personal injury claim. This bill specifically:

  • Limits the evidence offered to prove past medical expenses to the amount paid by health insurance, amounts paid by Medicare or Medicaid, amounts paid by any source, lien amounts, and amounts remaining unpaid.
  • Requires providers to timely submit a claim to an injured party’s health insurer or health plan within the allotted time requirements of the insurer or plan to assert a valid lien.
  • States that calculating an injured party’s provider/medical charges by using any method other than described by statute amounts to an unfair claim settlement practice.


Filed – 4/13/2021