HB 401 – Enact Medical Cannabis Act 

Primary Sponsors: Rep. Kelly Alexander (D-Mecklenburg), Rep. John Autry (D-Mecklenburg), Rep. Becky Carney (D-Mecklenburg), Rep. Pricey Harrison (D-Guilford)

Bill Summary


The bill states that a qualified patient or caregiver shall not be subject to arrest, prosecution or penalty.

Identification Cards

The bill would require NC Department of Health and Human Services to issue a registry identification card to any qualified patient or designated caregiver.

The card would cost $10.

Regulated Medical Cannabis Supply System 

The bill would license the following entities under the NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services:

  • Medical Cannabis Center
  • Producer of Medical Cannabis
  • Producer of Cannabis Infused Products

All sales would be from a licensed Medical Cannabis Center.

These licensed entities would be required to pay monthly fees to the Department of Agriculture to operate regulations, registry, and the research programs.

Defenses for Qualified Patients and Caregivers

The bill allows individuals who do not have a registry identification cardholder to have affirmative defense under this section.

Physician Immunity

The bill states that a physician shall not be subject to arrest, prosecution, or any penalty for reccomending the medical use of cannabis or providing written certification for the medical use of cannabis.

NC Cannabis Research Program 

The bill states that the UNC System would be responsible for undertaking presenting scientific research regarding the efficacy and safety of administrating medical cannabis as a part of medical treatment.


The bill applies a 5% tax to be collected by a retailer for cannabis sales.



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