SB203/HB 231 – Allow Durham Public Schools to Provide Housing

Primary Senate Sponsors: Sen. Mike Woodard (D-Durham, Granville, Person); Sen. Natalie Murdock (D-Durham)

Primary House Sponsors: Rep. Vernetta Alston (D-Durham); Rep. Marcia Morey (D-Durham); Rep. Zack Hawkins (D-Durham)


This bill authorizes the Durham Public Schools Board of Education to contract with any person/business entity to construct/maintain affordable rental housing on property owned by the Board of Education or by Durham County.

This bill also permits the Durham Public Schools Board of Education to enter into residential housing unit lease agreements for housing units owned by the Board as long as the Board rents the units exclusively to Durham Public Schools teachers or employees.


SB 203

Filed 3/9/2021

HB 231

Filed 3/4/2021

This bill was referred to the following House committees:

-Rules, Calendar, and Operations

-Education – 1-12


-Local Government