HB 243 – UNC Legislative Priorities/COVID-19 Impacts

Primary House Sponsors: Rep. Jon Hardister (R-Guilford); Rep. Pat Hurley (R-Randolph); Rep. Ray Pickett (R-Ashe, Watauga); Rep. Evelyn Terry (D-Forsyth)


This bill:

  • Authorizes the UNC President to implement a temporary salary reduction for UNC employees to offset budget and revenue reductions at a constituent institution so long as the reductions are implemented across-the-board to impact an entire constituent institution or its major subdivisions.
  • Sets limits for the reductions, including a requirement that salary reductions cannot result in an annual salary of less than $45,000 or an amount to more than 20% of the employee’s annual base salary.
  • Requires the UNC President to report quarterly on salary reduction.
  • Permits the UNC Board of Governors to authorize the adoption of an early retirement program to provide long-term cost savings and improved operational efficiencies to remain in effect until December 31, 2022.
  • Authorizes the UNC President to approve a reduction in force for positions subject to the Human Resources Act provided the reduction is in accordance with the policies of Office of State Human Resources.
  • Allows UNC employees subject to the Human Resources Act to use accrued leave for any COVID-19 related absences.
  • Permits the UNC Board of Governors to allocate non-State funds to pay for the employee portions of monthly premiums in the State Health Plan that would have been paid if the participating employee is currently on emergency furlough placing the employee below half-time employment for a calendar month.


Filed – 3/9/2021