SB 545 – Universal Licensure Recognition Act

Primary Senate Sponsors: Sen. Chuck Edwards (R-Buncombe, Henderson, Transylvania); Sen. Norman Sanderson (R-Carteret, Craven, Pamlico)


This bill permits an occupational licensing board or a state agency licensing board to issue a license, certification, or registration to any applicant who establishes residence in NC and satisfies all of the following: (1) the applicant is currently licensed/certified in at least one other jurisdiction in the discipline applied for in NC at the same or substantially equivalent practice level; (2) the applicant has been licensed/certified for at least one year; (3) the applicant has passed an examination required for the license/certification in the jurisdiction in which the applicant holds a current license/certification; (4) the applicant is in good standing in all jurisdictions in which the applicant holds a license/certification; (5) the applicant has not voluntarily surrendered a license/certification or had a license/certification revoked as a result of unprofessional conduct; (6) the applicant has met all minimum education, clinical supervision, or work experience requirements in all state that the applicant holds a license/certification; (7) the applicant does not have any active or pending disciplinary actions; (8) the applicant does not have a disqualifying criminal history record; and (9) the applicant has paid all applicable fees.


Filed – 4/5/2021