Scott Paviol, MD – Class of 2018

“Leadership College is physician burnout kryptonite. It consists of a year’s worth of high-level workshops including branding, social media presence, public speaking, and the x’s and o’s of authentic leadership among others. It actually allowed me to do less daily and create more action through support and team empowerment.  In addition, the year-long project and MEDTalk presentation were unique opportunities to dream a project into existence. I am walking away from my year in leadership college with numerous lifelong colleagues/friends, a successful medical blog co-authored by another Leadership College colleague, several speaking opportunities and workshops, and a physician entrepreneurship project at NC State.  Would highly recommend this program to anyone interested in breathing life back into medicine.”

Nada El Husseini, MD, MHSc – Class of 2017

“A key concept I learned from the Leadership College is that leaders do not all need to have the same style or personality traits to be effective – they bring different ‘colors’ or characteristics to the leadership role.  That was an eye-opener – There’s not one color for leadership.”



Jeremy Pyle, MD – Class of 2012

“Leadership College provided something I could not get anywhere else. Specifically, it put like-minded, forward-thinking people from many walks of medicine together in a room working toward a series of common goals. It opened my eyes to the experiences of different specialties, different practice models, and different provider levels.”

Rufus Williams, Jr., MPAS, PA-C – Class of 2014

“Leadership College allowed me to collaborate and forge relationships with my peers on topics pertinent to medicine and health care legislation. “

Holly Biola, MD – Class of 2011

“I met a wonderful mentor and friend. Participating in the Leadership College gave me the opportunity to meet, and hear the perspectives of, leaders in other specialties. Being able to call upon these people as acquaintances and friends has helped me professionally as well as giving me folks to visit and reconnect with at NCMS meetings.”

Chris DeRienzo, MD – Class of 2006

Dr. Chris DeRienzo’s Leadership College (LC) experience back in 2006 impacted his career opportunities in 2013. A fellow alum alerted him to an open position at Mission Hospital that combined both of his medical passions: clinical neonatal practice and patient safety. “To me, this is absolutely the perfect job, and if it wasn’t for the Leadership College and the relationships built during that year-long program, I don’t think there would be any chance for this [opportunity] to come together like it did.”