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Limited Immunity for Volunteer Care

RESOLVED, That the North Carolina Medical Society supports limited immunity for physicians rendering care under the following circumstances:

  • While rendering first aid or emergency health treatment at a local health department, nonprofit community health center, as a rescue squad member, or for athletic teams;
  • While rendering care at a local health department facility or nonprofit community health center;
  • While serving as medical director of emergency medical services (EMS) agency;
  • While providing care as a retired physician holding “Limited Volunteer License;” or
  • While rendering care at a free clinic.

(Substitute Resolution 13-1990, adopted as amended 11/10/90)
(revised, Report Q-2000, Item 53, adopted 11/12/00)
(revised, Report R-2006, Item 14, adopted 10/29/2006)
(revised, Report H-2011, Item 1-5, adopted 10/23/2011)
(technical correction, Board Report-2018, Item 100, adopted 11/3/2018)