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Medical Liability Premiums

RESOLVED, That the North Carolina Medical Society supports the calculation of medical liability insurance premiums based, as much as possible, on the actual underwriting cost of providing insurance, and opposes a system that would place all physicians in one insurance class without any demographic or experience-based difference among all insureds.

(Resolution 14-1980, adopted 5/3/1980)
(reaffirmed, Report M-1990, Item 4, adopted 11/10/1990)
(reaffirmed, Report Q-2000, Item 1, adopted 11/12/2000)
(revised, Report R-2006, Item 52, adopted 10/29/2006)
(reaffirmed, Report H-2011, Item 3-53, adopted 10/23/2011)
(technical corrections, Board Report-2018, Item 99, adopted 11/3/2018)