Dr. Eileen Raynor

At the 2022 LEAD Conference held on October 15, Philip Brown, MD, Chair of the North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) Nominating and Leadership Development Committee, announced that NCSOHNS Past-President Eileen Raynor, MD, FACS, FAAP, would be the 2022-2023 President-Elect of the state society.

Dr. Eileen Raynor works as an Associate Professor of Surgery and an Associate Professor in Pediatrics in the Department of Surgery, Division of Head and Neck Surgery & Communication Sciences within the Duke University Health System. Dr. Raynor currently serves as Secretary-Treasurer of NCSOHNS and served as NCSOHNS President in 2014-2015. She has been an active member of the NC Medical Society for a number of years, serving on the NCMS Board of Directors, in the Legislative Cabinet, and the Medical Education Committee, and she is also an alumna of the KIPL Leadership College Class of 2012.

Congratulations, Dr. Raynor!