(RALEIGH) — The North Carolina Medical Society continues to win battles for the safety of patients in the state!

On Wednesday, members of the NCMS collaborated with members and other agencies to halt Senate Bill 607, the Regulatory Reform Act of 2024.  If successful, it would have allowed the creation of a new board to license Naturopaths to practice in the state without appropriate regulation.

Through combined efforts, NCMS successfully ensured that North Carolina remains a safer place for patients.  NCMS Vice President of Advocacy John Thompson says of the victory:  “This helps the NCMS uphold the high standards of medical care that our community deserves.”

The NCMS based is opposition on, among other things, the undefined and expansive scope of SB607.  It would have allowed naturopaths to order diagnostic imaging (ultrasounds, CT scans, mammograms), laboratory tests, and utilize oral, nasal, auricular, ocular, rectal, vaginal, and transdermal routes of administration of substances. Additionally, the bill would allow naturopaths to prescribe any natural remedy similar in structure or function to natural sources.