The NCDA presents its next free webinar

Coaching and Counseling for Improved Performance: How to Have Crucial and Difficult Conversations

October 17, 2022  |  7:30pm

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Featured Speaker: Darryl Harris

Darryl Harris is a powerhouse with expertise that enables him to empower, develop, teach, train and energize teams, team leaders, managers and staff across the USA and internationally. He helps improve productivity, processes, skills and working relationships for enhanced bottom line results.

Darryl’s area of expertise is within the people development arena – from leadership, sales, team building, negotiating, customer service, interpersonal and intra-personal and business improvement.

His undergraduate degree in Education, Communications and Psychology as well as 30 years of real world experience in a cross section of business disciplines on a global scale have prepared this dynamo well for his role in successfully empowering, training and coaching others.