North Carolina Senate looks poised to pass legislation to legalize medical marijuana
(The North Carolina Medical Society Position on Cannabis included in this story)


The Compassionate Care Act is back in front of the North Carolina Senate, backed by powerful members of the chamber. If it happens, it will move to the House where it stalled last year.

If the legislation is successful it would make North Carolina the 38th state to legalize medicinal cannabis.  It would be for residents who suffer from a narrow list of conditions, including cancer, epilepsy, and PTSD.

Bill sponsors say the proposal includes restrictions that would be among the tightest in the country.  Sen. Michael Lee (R-District 7) says “In addition to providing support to those who are suffering from debilitating conditions, we also want to protect the general public and that’s why you see the processes in place.”

Senate Rules chairman Sen. Bill Rabon (R-District 8) introduced the legislation last year and credits cannabis with helping him through a near deadly battle with cancer.

The legislation is not guaranteed to pass the House, however, but is being supported by the medical marijuana industry which hired at least a dozen lobbyists this year.

The North Carolina Medical Society has spoken out in support of efforts to research the potential health benefits and adverse health effects of cannabis and cannabidiol products.  Read the full statement on Cannabis from the NCMS here.