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The North Carolina Medical Society supports efforts to research the potential health benefits and adverse health effects of cannabis and cannabidiol products, including the pediatric population, and supports the education of its members regarding these issues.

The NCMS supports efforts to increase funding for education, prevention, and treatment of substance use disorders, particularly cannabis use disorder.

The NCMS supports increasing state and federal funding for cannabis research, easing regulatory restrictions that impede approval for cannabis and cannabinoid research, and encouraging ongoing collection of individual and population data on patients using cannabis.

The NCMS supports rescheduling cannabis from a Schedule I to a Schedule II drug to enable clinical research and developing standardization and prescribing guidelines for cannabinoids congruent with the FDA drug development process.

The NCMS supports further pharmacological research to develop potency limits for cannabis and cannabidiol products.

The NCMS supports the identification, monitoring, and publicizing of health care and social costs associated with cannabis and cannabidiol use.

The NCMS supports improved cannabidiol product testing, regulation, and public information about contaminated cannabidiol products.

The NCMS supports dissemination of scientifically sound information about the efficacy, as well as short and long-term adverse health effects, of cannabis and cannabidiol products to the medical community and the public.

The NCMS recognizes that there are significant differences between states and the federal government in the legal status of cannabis use.

(Report D-2011, Resolution 7-2010, adopted, 10/23/2011) (Revised and adopted, NCMS Board Report 1/28/2023)