Strategies for Managing Toxicities of Oral Oncolytics

July 17, 2024


Oral oncolytics have revolutionized cancer care over the last two decades. Although they provide a more convenient & often more tolerable alternative to traditional chemotherapy agents, their unique mechanisms of action lead to a wide range of potential side effects.

In this CPP panel discussion, Aimee Faso, Bianka Patel, and Kevin Chen will discuss the considerations when managing side effects for patients receiving oral oncolytic treatments for various solid tumor and hematologic malignancies.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe various oral oncolytics utilized in the treatment of hematologic and solid tumor malignancies
  • Explain key considerations in the prescribing of oral oncolytics
  • Develop a plan for toxicity management and monitoring for patients on oral oncolytics

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