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High-Quality Physical Education in North Carolina Public Schools

RESOLVED, That the North Carolina Medical Society supports the efforts of the Department of Public Instruction, superintendents, and local school boards to provide adequate funding to develop and maintain quality curriculum and high-quality physical education specialists to provide safe and appropriate equipment, quality staff development, and high-quality physical education programs for all children K-12 as one part of a coordinated school health program.

(Resolution 3-1989, adopted 11/11/1989)
(revised, Report Q-2000, Item 48, adopted 11/12/2000)
(revised, Report R-2006, Item 24, adopted 10/29/2006)
(reaffirmed, Report H-2011, Item 3-39, adopted 10/23/2011)
(reaffirmed, Board Report-2018, Item 137, adopted 11/3/2018)