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Digital Health Equity

The North Carolina Medical Society supports the following efforts to achieve digital health equity for all in North Carolina:

  • Promote efforts to achieve equal access to digital health care and equal outcomes from digital health care regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, income, and/or geography;
  • Promote efforts to ensure equitable access to health equipment, information, and digital health literacy training opportunities across the state that are adaptive to individuals’ diverse needs, skills, identities, languages, abilities, and disabilities;
  • Promote efforts to incorporate digital health equity into health provider training at the individual and institutional levels. This includes assessing for those at risk for barriers to digital health and ways to close those gaps;
  • Promote efforts to ensure health care providers, health systems, insurers, and government agencies have digital health strategies that identify and address potential gaps in digital health care and consider patients’ sociocultural backgrounds and digital health literacy.

(NCMS Board Report, adopted 5/15/2021)