The North Carolina Medical Society is offering NC physicians the opportunity to obtain Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). This effort is intended to provide physician practices with the PPE they need at this critical time. We want to help keep you safe, your staff and patients safe and your offices open.

Group Purchasing through ActionPPE*

NCMS has established a relationship with the Charleston County (South Carolina) Medical Society and other state and local medical societies to group purchase medical-grade products.

More Information/Order

As a general guideline, we recommend a PPE order sufficient to last 60 days. Still not sure how much to order? Click here for a CDC burn rate calculator

*ActionPPE and the NCMS are offering this service in an effort to provide access to an independent third-party manufacturer and supplier of PPE during the COVID-19 emergency. Neither ActionPPE nor the NCMS have altered the products sold in any way. As such, ActionPPE and the NCMS cannot guarantee proper or timely fulfillment of any of the items ordered, and no claims, representations, or warranties, whether expressed or implied, are made by either ActionPPE and the NCMS as to the safety, reliability, durability, and performance of any of the products. Furthermore, ActionPPE and the NCMS accept no liability whatsoever for the safety, reliability, durability, and performance of the products. All orders are final, no refunds or cancellations.

Covid-19 Information from the NCMS