HB 453 – Human Life Non-Discrimination Act/No Eugenics

Primary House Sponsors: Rep. Pat McElraft (R-Carteret, Jones); Rep. John Bradford, III (R-Mecklenburg); Rep. Kristin Baker, MD (R-Cabarrus); Rep. Dean Arp (R-Union)


This bill:

  • Defines conception as the fusion of human spermatozoon with a human ovum.
  • Prohibits abortion unless the physician who is scheduled to perform the abortion confirms before the procedure that the woman is not seeking an abortion due to either 1) the actual or presumed race of the unborn child, 2) the sex of the unborn child, or 3) the presence or presumed presence of Down syndrome.
  • Requires physicians who advise, procure, or cause a miscarriage or abortion after the 16th week of a woman’s pregnancy to report to DHHS whether the race, sex, or presence or presumption of Down syndrome in the unborn child had been detected prior to the abortion by any type of genetic testing or ultrasound, or by any other form of testing.
  • Requires physicians to provide a signature attesting under oath that the information contained in the report to DHHS is true and correct to the best of the physician’s knowledge.


Filed – 3/30/2021