SB 669 – Enact Medical Cannabis

Primary Senate Sponsors: Sen. Wiley Nickel (D-Wake); Sen. Natalie Murdock (D-Durham); Sen. Natasha Marcus (D-Mecklenburg)


This bill:

  • Enacts the North Carolina Medical Cannabis Act.
  • Sets out a series of defined terms related to cannabis.
  • Provides specified legal protections for patients and designated caregivers related to the medical use of cannabis.
  • States that a physician shall not be subject to arrest, prosecution, or penalty, or denied any right or privilege for discussing with a patient the benefits or health risks of the medical use of cannabis or the interaction of cannabis with other substances.
  • Prohibits certain activities while under the influence of cannabis, including undertaking any task under the influence when doing so would constitute negligence or professional malpractice.
  • Requires the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to establish a medical cannabis supply system that provides a safe, regulated supply of cannabis appropriate for medical use by qualified patients who hold a written certification and generates sufficient revenue for the Department to maintain and operate the system.
  • Requires a Medical Cannabis Center License to operate a medical cannabis center.
  • Requires the Medical Care Commission to adopt rules to establish qualifications and requirements for licensure of medical cannabis centers, producers of medical cannabis, and producers of cannabis-infused products.
  • Provides immunity for physicians for recommending the medical use of cannabis or providing written certification for the medical use of cannabis.
  • Establishes the North Carolina Cannabis Research Program to develop and conduct studies designed to ascertain the general safety and efficacy of using cannabis for medical treatment.


Filed – 4/7/2021